Crate Keys

The crate keys purchased from this category can be redeemed in server.  You will be able download purchased key by hitting the legendary crate at lobby spawn after a successful purchase. Example: On purchase on 10 legendary crate key either download 10x Legendary keys.

To download legendary crate key. search for legendary crate at spawn. If you are not at spawn, you can use command /spawn to teleport there. After finding legendary crate, hit it with bare hands and you will be presented with a menu with option to download keys, If not please contact us at discord or email at Remember, 90% of the time you should get keys instantly after a successful purchase and if not, it may take few minutes sometimes!


10x Legendary Crate Keys

34.99 10.50 USD View

20x Legendary Crate Keys

54.99 16.50 USD View

30x Legendary Crate Keys

69.99 21.00 USD View

40x Legendary Crate Keys

84.99 25.50 USD View